Review: Wealthy Affiliate From The Inside (A Newbie’s POV) *UPDATED*



Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the brainchild of Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim. They started the site in 2005 with the goal of helping others on the road to success in online business.



First Impressions

When coming to Wealthy Affiliate, one is immediately greeted by an intuitive, clean layout. It’s not hard to figure out what is where, and there is an entire community to help if you get lost. I actually joined WA years ago when I was on the hunt for some kind of learning platform. I was determined to make a living online, and this was one of the places I looked at and joined (hey, it was free). Unfortunately, I did not follow through at that time. I had to restart so I could take full advantage of the site’s potential. It has been only three days, and so far, I am kicking myself for not staying with this before.


The first 7 days are free. You get limited access to the site’s basic features, but full access to the first module in WA’s Online Entrepreneur Certification program (OEC) and the first module of their Affiliate Bootcamp, which deep dives into setting up your website for success.

Wealthy Affiliate never presents itself as a get-rich-quick or a fast money gimmick. There is no gimmick. It is step by step instruction given in bite-size chunks that you work through at your own pace. If you hit a snag, you can message anyone of the thousands of people on the site, live or submit a question to their knowledge base. You also have access to Kyle, who creates the training modules for the site and interacts with members daily.

Kyle walks you through setting up your profile, finding a niche for your business and building a website that WA hosts for you, even if you never upgrade. In fact, they have a site builder that lays down the basic framework of a WordPress site within a minute. No joke. In less than 60 seconds, you have a site ready to be filled with content. Content, incidentally, that Kyle teaches you how to create, post and polish.


Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

Other benefits of the site include:

  • Content creation templates
  • Discounts on domain purchases
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) software included with your sites
  • A lite version of Jaaxy, a keyword search engine that helps optimize your content and site.
  • An affiliate program that pays monthly whether you remain a Starter member or upgrade to Premium.
  • A yearly, all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas for the Wealthy Affiliate Super Affiliate Conference (restrictions apply)
  • 30 days of hosting should you decide WA is not for you. This allows you time to relocate your site(s) you built using their platform.
  • A blog interface included with both Starter and Premium accounts.
  • Badges for every milestone and accomplishment.
  • Classrooms that cater to just about every aspect of running a business online


Wealthy Affiliate Site Content


I found the restrictions placed on Starter accounts irritating. As a Starter member, you cannot include links or pictures in any message. You cannot send or receive private messages, and the most exciting aspects of the site builder and the SEO program are reserved for Premium members. The “Upgrade to Unlock This Feature!” spam became the bane of my life very early on the very first day.

The population of the site is well in excess of 1 million members. As a result, you can feel lost in the shuffle. I posted a question that could not be answered in the Knowledge Base and received answers that made me feel the responders did not actually read my question. I even had one member almost harass me when I did not click “Like” on his response. I would very much appreciate a way to block people I would rather not hear from again, and there does not seem to be a way to do that.

A lot of people are there to plug their gig, period. They want to get their content in front of as many people as possible and they appear to have tunnel vision when it comes to anything that does not forward their progress. The member I mentioned above stated he was just a few points short of being ranked in the Top 200, and that Likes on his posts would grant him more points. This, to me, felt so mercenary and short-sighted that I simply stopped responding to him.



But wait…

Due to my limited experience with the site, I asked the gentleman that reintroduced me to WA if I could interview him to get the perspective of a tenured member. Chris M. posts videos on YouTube as BenjisDad with advice, tips, and tricks for aspiring online marketeers. He also offers insight into work from home jobs, programs, and gigs that are useful for filling the gap between starting and succeeding at online marketing. He plugs WA at the beginning and end of every video, so I wanted to pose a few questions to him to help me better understand his reasoning for sticking with Wealthy Affiliate and promoting it so diligently.

Unfortunately, he was not available, so I will just link to the video he did that made me go check out Wealthy Affiliate for myself.

You can watch it here.



The Starter membership is absolutely free. You are repeatedly encouraged to upgrade, but you get access to the basic site features and selected Premium features (Live Chat, Questions) for the first 7 days at no cost to you. They don’t ask for any payment information at all when setting up the account and profile.

The Premium membership is $49.00 a month*, and I believe it is on auto draft.

*Non-refundable, cancel anytime

What you get for the money

All the Pros listed above and so much more is included in the Premium membership. Even without upgrading. Wealthy Affiliate helps you create and build up to 2 websites that include SEO software and give you a choice of 12 templates. Hosting at WordPress is included, and you keep all the contacts you Follow during your first 7 days.

With the Premium membership you also get:

  • Up to 50 hosted websites
  • Access to over 3000 website designs and templates
  • Over 50 thousand Website Features (Add-ons)
  • Security, Speed optimization and ongoing monitoring for your site(s)
  • Extended and Advanced training that continually improves your site & your business
  • 2X payouts for referrals
  • SiteDomain, that includes all the required features to seamlessly run and own a domain (WHOIS protections, Email accounts, etc.)
  • Much, much more…


After 3 months, I now own 6 websites & 3 domains. My content has been ranked on all the major search engines. And best of all, I got my first commission in June.

It was small, but it was enough to boost me into starting that second website.

I have completed the OEC training and I am now working through the Affiliate Bootcamp training. I have affiliate links from multiple vendors that are getting clicks and with time, will be getting sales.

I have 3 referrals in WA, and more tentatively considering joining.

What does all of this mean? Wealthy Affiliate works if you are willing to do the work.

Take it or Leave it

Take it. DO take it. I’m taking it. I am extremely frugal (cheap, yeah, that’s the word), so I am squeezing every bit of my free week out of this. I have already decided -3 days in- that I am going to upgrade to the Premium membership, and I will do whatever I can to keep it active.


Wealthy Affiliate is the first and only site I have found in over 20 years of searching that offers the actual training required to be a successful online business person for a reasonable price. With everything they give you in the Premium membership, they could easily ask three times as much, and people would pay it. I honestly do not know why I did not follow through with this before, but I am grateful to Chris for leading me back here.

Did I mention Bonuses?

I did.

If you do decide to go Premium within the first 7 days, send me a Private Message or drop a note on my profile page, I will be delighted to give you these BONUSES:

  • Unlimited access to ME as your Mentor.
  • A 59% discount on your first month. You pay ONLY $19.00 to gain access to ALL the Premium features available here at Wealthy Affiliate.*
  • Feedback on your content and your website. We’ll cover everything from syntax to social media!
  • Access to the Diamond Traffic Program to boost your site.
*Bills at $49 beginning 2nd month. Non-refundable, cancel anytime.

But only if you upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days (this is my I-Want-It bonus).


If you have any questions or comments, I am always happy to hear them. Thanks for stopping by.


Gig on

Gwendolyn J


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12 thoughts on “Review: Wealthy Affiliate From The Inside (A Newbie’s POV) *UPDATED*

  1. Your unique style that tells it like it is, warts and all builds credibility. I think you did a great job in reviewing Wealthy Affiliate. I like how you labeled yourself a cheapskate and provided a great review of the Free membership. 

    Now when you explained the benefits of Premium and who your visitor should upgrade, it carried a lot of weight. Hooking Chris’s video in your review, especially after the Cons, helped a lot as Chris did much of the work for you when it came to providing visuals to the platform. 

    Pricing can always be a tricky area. You told it like it is in such an excellent way. If I came across this review, I would sign up for the free service. All i all this was a credible Wealthy Affiliate Review. 

    1. Edwin,

      Thank you so much. I am having a blast now that I’ve gone Premium and I cannot wait to do more. 

      I appreciate your feedback and thanks for stopping by. 

      See you at WA,

      Gwendolyn J

  2. Wealthy affiliate sure isn’t perfect but I can personally say that I have gained a lot from them. The platform always emphasizes hard work and not going for get rich quick schemes and I think that is a really good idea as it informs members before they sign up what they are actually in for.

    The platform is very easy to navigate as a lot of emphases was placed on excellent user experience. The lessons are mostly taught in a video format and are also text-based just for those that are not huge fans of watching videos.

    You are right about the ranking in wealthy affiliate as some people take this more serious than actually running their business and helping others and I think this affects the credibility of actually helping for the right reasons rather than for personal interests.

    All in all, it is a wonderful platform and one that I am really happy to be involved with.

    1. Jay,

      I obviously agree with you 🙂

      I have been having a great time doing 2 things I love: writing & helping people. 

      The lessons are bite-sized but thorough and I learn something important from every single one.

      I appreciate the transparency here most of all. After all the failed programs I tried, it is so nice to be somewhere that does not claim quick money. 

      Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you are WA!

      Gwendolyn J

  3. This was a particularly useful post for the people that may be on the fence as to whether or not they will give the Wealthy Affiliate platform a try. Even with the 7 days free access and no credit card required, they may be wondering if it is worth providing their name and email for.

    As I read through your experiences, it became rather obvious that even with the cons you mention, the answer to that question is yes, everyone who is remotely interested in learning how to set up an online business should give the site a shot. 

    I also agree with your waiting until the last second to upgrade. I did the same 4 years ago and have not looked back since. Over that time, I have grown my online or online related businesses to the point where I no longer have to worry about a 9-5 job again.

    A good review from a perspective that potential members need to read about, you have captured what the new member will see and feel when they get started. It does not take long to get acclimated and start tapping into the power the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers.  

    1. Dave,

      I was a bit salty about those restrictions, but I understand why they are in place. 

      Now that I’ve gone Premium I am much happier and I love the platform and the community to pieces.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you at WA!

      Gwendolyn J

  4. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Wealthy Affiliate which is a platform I joined about two years ago and currently still am a happy member.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I love how you mentioned that you can still access many of the premium features for 7 days with a free starter account which is in contrast to a lot of similar products out there that often make you buy before they let you experience the product itself.

    I can definitely see how Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing training platforms out there on the internet today. Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate again. It came at a point in my life when I was fed up with penny work and limited contract jobs.

      I am so happy to be here and so happy to be part of this unique community. 

      Have a good one, and I’ll see you at WA.

      Gwendolyn J

  5. a couple of months ago I was searching for the online job that can support my daily expenses, then somehow I end up with a website that leads me to Wealthy Affiliate. The first expression was free training for the first week where they provide you with free of charge training, I was really excited during the training and how you can build your website. Based on my experience so far about WA, I believe this platform is the best platform in learning how to create your own online business. but the only thing I wonder most of the training videos are quite old and they should update some of them.

    1. I am glad you found your way to WA. It is a wonderful home for people like us.

      I noticed the videos do show a different interface than I’m working with. I usually manage to find what Kyle is talking about though. 

      If you look up in the right-hand corner of the training there is a button called Request Update. You can actually let them know if the video is so far out of date that you have trouble with it. 

      Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by.

      Gwendolyn J

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Let me know if you would like more information on Wealthy Affiliate.

      Take care,

      Gwendolyn J

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