So, You Work At Home… How Do You Get Those Jobs?? (And Where?)


You apply for it like you do any job.

In this case, you have to look a little harder if you are angling toward working at home for a company or in an established industry. The bulk of my #WageLife experience was in call center customer service, billing, and technical support with a little bit of sales.

Personally, I hate sales (which is probably why I’m not very good at it) because I hate taking people’s money when I know they can get a better deal or whatnot.

I have never been on the list of spectacular salespeople. I did OK when I had to, but I much preferred a job where I don’t have to actually talk someone into spending their money.

If they called me saying, “Hey I wanna spend some money!” that was perfect. I would sell them something, and I would do my best to get them a great deal.

But if I had to call or do the upsell on a customer service call, it put my stomach in knots. I hate it.


Not all of them…

I was comfortable in my last #WageLife position. I had a baby while working there, and went back to work when he was only 4 weeks old, so I was still in the throes of Post-Partum Hormonal Upheaval

That created a period of resentment that had nothing to do with the job itself. It was during this period that I actually joined Wealthy Affiliate for the first time. I was so preoccupied with finding something, anything that would allow me to be free to take care of my baby while supporting him that I didn’t pay attention to the opportunity then.

Where To Look

If you are looking specifically for work at/from home (remote, telecommute) job, the commonsense thing to do is go to where these jobs are.

I already pointed you to the Facebook group where found 3 of my last 4 remote #WageLife jobs.

Also, Craiglist has a number of offerings but be very careful of anyone asking personal info who does not first tell you:

  • Name of the company
  • Work you’ll be doing
  • Location or mode of training (onsite/remote)
  • Pay (rate/frequency)

Use your best judgment, but always be very, very cautious of anyone trying to get money from you or have you deposit a check, etc. You know the scam I’m talking about.

While You’re Looking

Anyway, while you’re scoping the WAH field, be tailoring your resume to fit what you’re looking for.

I already had WAH experience from years ago. My very first WAH job was as a PSO. That stands for Phone Sex Operator.

Yes. I talked dirty for money.

And it was good money. I supported my kids for 2 good years with PSO gigs. Where, you ask, does one find such a job? The most legit source I found (and I haven’t looked in years, so things may have changed) is Just as with CL, make sure you check and double check sources and info. Anyone asking for money upfront is suspect.


And beware The Sleaze.

It exists. It is a Thing.

I had Phone Actress on my resume for a while until I moved back into the far less risqué field of call center customer servicing.

So how do you tailor that resume? Well, if you have no WAH experience highlight the skills and knowledge that a remote hire should have namely:

  • So hopeful. So delicate. SO important!

    Time management

  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Home office
  • Technical savvy
  • Multi-tasker
  • Software familiarity




What Else Do You Need?

Most of these companies require you to have reliable internet and/or phone connection in a quiet, private area of your home.

Quiet, private and tax deductible!

You may want to splurge on the highest residential speed available because unless you live alone, you are not the only one on it. For the duration of your shift (6-10 hours in some cases), you will be a broadband hog.

I know I was. I admit it. I am not ashamed.

If you are submitting a resume targeted for at-home, remote work,  or telecommuting, a blurb on your cover letter mentioning your tech setup or home office won’t go unnoticed. Put it near the top or as the last thing at the bottom because HR people rarely read every resume word for word. They honestly don’t have time. Most people are drawn to the beginning and the end of a document. Take advantage of homo sapiens nature.

As a lovely bonus, I have included a copy of the resume that got me that last #WageLife job right here:

Gwendolyn B. Jordan



Home office XXXX



Seeking gainful employment that is both personally & 
financially satisfying.


Customer service skills are foremost. Computer skills current. 
Extensive telephone and face-to-face customer care experience. 
Writing, blogging, data expert.


Guardian Liberty Voice

Journalist/Senior Editor/Training Assistant (9/19/2013-Present) Work at Home

Create articles on breaking, current news stories. Edit, proofread 
and publish articles to website following strict style and submission 
guidelines. Recruit and train potential candidate writers on style, 
submission and publication guidelines. Maintain ethical and moral 
standards of publication.

Convergys Corp: NorthEast

CAE (4/2/2013-9/19/2013) Telecommute

Accept inbound calls from Comcast video service customers. 
Technical support, account management; upgrades;

Schedule, confirm, or cancel appointments for service 
issues & equipment installation. Customer education

N.E.W. Corp: Sterling, VA

CCR (11/14/2011-2/8/2013) Telecommute

Accept inbound calls from DirecTV satellite television 
customers. Technical support, sales, billing. Schedule, 
confirm cancel appointments. Customer education on products & services.

Teleperformance Advanced Services Division: Shreveport, LA

Nesting Manager (1/11-8/13/11)

Manage team of new hires, identify & fill knowledge gaps. 
OTJ Training agent retention/improvement

Team Manager (7/10-1/11)

Manage team of 20-25. Scheduling, quality, call handling.
 Agent retention and improvement


Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable video
 technical support & billing. Schedule/reschedule service 
calls. Educate customer on products & services, policies & procedures.

Bright House Networks: DeLand, FL/Maitland, FL

RSR/Lead (1/08-1/26/10)

Assist & coach CSPs, escalated call handling. 
Error correction & account review/follow up

Customer Service Professional (12/05-1/08)

Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable, 
high-speed Internet, and digital phone service. Billing, 
troubleshooting, appointment setting/confirming, account management.

Customer Service Excellence Certification, Bright House Networks:

Level II 2005

Level III 2006

Level III 2007

Level II 2008


Nov 2006 Cable Network Overview

Feb 2007 Excellence in Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Sep 2007 Introduction to Business

Dec 2007 Introduction to PC Applications (Honor Graduate)

Mar 2008 HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Jun 2008 Advanced HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Oct 2008 Introduction to Marketing

O.D. Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, TX

Green B. Trimble Technical HS Adult Education Center, Fort Worth, Texas



Motivated, time management. Minimal supervision required, 
flexible & dependable. Type 50 wpm, 10-key sight & feel. 
Windows proficient. Certified in Excel, Word, Access, and 
PowerPoint. 14+ years Internet, 20+years Customer service, 
14+ years tech support

References Available Upon Request


I mentioned in another post that you want to keep your resume to one page, if possible and highlight your skills. This resume actually was a page and some, but it has enough of what the employer was looking for to get me an interview, which got me hired. It is woefully out of date, but I lost that job in 2016.

My resume has changed dramatically because I am now seeking at-home, remote work -at least until I hit my stride in #WAHLife at Wealthy Affiliate. Or get published.


Failure is ALLOWED

Honestly, the only way to fail at this is to stop trying. Will Smith said in a viral video that failure is not to be feared, but embraced.

“Fail forward,” he advises, and keep going until you get where you want to be.

Then, climb higher.


Have you been looking for a #Wagelife job online? Have you found one? Share your experience with me!


Till later,

Gig on

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24 thoughts on “So, You Work At Home… How Do You Get Those Jobs?? (And Where?)

  1. Great article and it has a lot of tips. There are many scams so you have to be careful for that, but if you have the patience and you’re looking right, you can find good jobs. I combine some now actually, Im performing an online business which is about affiliate marketing, and I do freelancer jobs at Fiverr. They earn good, but again, it requires patience. Thanks for sharing this good article with us. 

    1. Emmanuel,

      You’re so welcome!

      I tried Fiverr but I was unable to get anything done there. I think I was squeezed out by all the other typist and editors already established. 

      Have you checked out Upwork for freelancing? 

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  2. Hi Gwendolyn

    I found your post so interesting. 

    I have recently moved to the UK from South Africa and am having difficulty finding the normal BDM sales position I usually do. 

    Although I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and building my own business, at this stage I still need to work to provide an income. 

    You have introduced me to another potential opportunity for work which I previously knew nothing about. Thank you I will check it out. 

    Loved that you supported your family doing sex calls. 

    Good on ya! 


    1. Debbie,

      I get different reactions from people when they learn that about me. I guess they expect me to be like Girl 6 or something.

      A lot of the other ladies I worked with were going through school or had some ailment that made working from home better for them. We always had a blast together and O, my the calls!

      Let’s just say I learned a lot about the human animal in those 2 years 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

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