So, You Work At Home… How Do You Get Those Jobs?? (And Where?)


You apply for it like you do any job.

In this case, you have to look a little harder if you are angling toward working at home for a company or in an established industry. The bulk of my #WageLife experience was in call center customer service, billing, and technical support with a little bit of sales.

Personally, I hate sales (which is probably why I’m not very good at it) because I hate taking people’s money when I know they can get a better deal or whatnot.

I have never been on the list of spectacular salespeople. I did OK when I had to, but I much preferred a job where I don’t have to actually talk someone into spending their money.

If they called me saying, “Hey I wanna spend some money!” that was perfect. I would sell them something, and I would do my best to get them a great deal.

But if I had to call or do the upsell on a customer service call, it put my stomach in knots. I hate it.


Not all of them…

I was comfortable in my last #WageLife position. I had a baby while working there, and went back to work when he was only 4 weeks old, so I was still in the throes of Post-Partum Hormonal Upheaval

That created a period of resentment that had nothing to do with the job itself. It was during this period that I actually joined Wealthy Affiliate for the first time. I was so preoccupied with finding something, anything that would allow me to be free to take care of my baby while supporting him that I didn’t pay attention to the opportunity then.

Where To Look

If you are looking specifically for work at/from home (remote, telecommute) job, the commonsense thing to do is go to where these jobs are.

I already pointed you to the Facebook group where found 3 of my last 4 remote #WageLife jobs.

Also, Craiglist has a number of offerings but be very careful of anyone asking personal info who does not first tell you:

  • Name of the company
  • Work you’ll be doing
  • Location or mode of training (onsite/remote)
  • Pay (rate/frequency)

Use your best judgment, but always be very, very cautious of anyone trying to get money from you or have you deposit a check, etc. You know the scam I’m talking about.

While You’re Looking

Anyway, while you’re scoping the WAH field, be tailoring your resume to fit what you’re looking for.

I already had WAH experience from years ago. My very first WAH job was as a PSO. That stands for Phone Sex Operator.

Yes. I talked dirty for money.

And it was good money. I supported my kids for 2 good years with PSO gigs. Where, you ask, does one find such a job? The most legit source I found (and I haven’t looked in years, so things may have changed) is Just as with CL, make sure you check and double check sources and info. Anyone asking for money upfront is suspect.


And beware The Sleaze.

It exists. It is a Thing.

I had Phone Actress on my resume for a while until I moved back into the far less risqué field of call center customer servicing.

So how do you tailor that resume? Well, if you have no WAH experience highlight the skills and knowledge that a remote hire should have namely:

  • So hopeful. So delicate. SO important!

    Time management

  • Ability to work unsupervised
  • Home office
  • Technical savvy
  • Multi-tasker
  • Software familiarity




What Else Do You Need?

Most of these companies require you to have reliable internet and/or phone connection in a quiet, private area of your home.

Quiet, private and tax deductible!

You may want to splurge on the highest residential speed available because unless you live alone, you are not the only one on it. For the duration of your shift (6-10 hours in some cases), you will be a broadband hog.

I know I was. I admit it. I am not ashamed.

If you are submitting a resume targeted for at-home, remote work,  or telecommuting, a blurb on your cover letter mentioning your tech setup or home office won’t go unnoticed. Put it near the top or as the last thing at the bottom because HR people rarely read every resume word for word. They honestly don’t have time. Most people are drawn to the beginning and the end of a document. Take advantage of homo sapiens nature.

As a lovely bonus, I have included a copy of the resume that got me that last #WageLife job right here:

Gwendolyn B. Jordan



Home office XXXX



Seeking gainful employment that is both personally & 
financially satisfying.


Customer service skills are foremost. Computer skills current. 
Extensive telephone and face-to-face customer care experience. 
Writing, blogging, data expert.


Guardian Liberty Voice

Journalist/Senior Editor/Training Assistant (9/19/2013-Present) Work at Home

Create articles on breaking, current news stories. Edit, proofread 
and publish articles to website following strict style and submission 
guidelines. Recruit and train potential candidate writers on style, 
submission and publication guidelines. Maintain ethical and moral 
standards of publication.

Convergys Corp: NorthEast

CAE (4/2/2013-9/19/2013) Telecommute

Accept inbound calls from Comcast video service customers. 
Technical support, account management; upgrades;

Schedule, confirm, or cancel appointments for service 
issues & equipment installation. Customer education

N.E.W. Corp: Sterling, VA

CCR (11/14/2011-2/8/2013) Telecommute

Accept inbound calls from DirecTV satellite television 
customers. Technical support, sales, billing. Schedule, 
confirm cancel appointments. Customer education on products & services.

Teleperformance Advanced Services Division: Shreveport, LA

Nesting Manager (1/11-8/13/11)

Manage team of new hires, identify & fill knowledge gaps. 
OTJ Training agent retention/improvement

Team Manager (7/10-1/11)

Manage team of 20-25. Scheduling, quality, call handling.
 Agent retention and improvement


Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable video
 technical support & billing. Schedule/reschedule service 
calls. Educate customer on products & services, policies & procedures.

Bright House Networks: DeLand, FL/Maitland, FL

RSR/Lead (1/08-1/26/10)

Assist & coach CSPs, escalated call handling. 
Error correction & account review/follow up

Customer Service Professional (12/05-1/08)

Inbound calls from subscribers pertaining to cable, 
high-speed Internet, and digital phone service. Billing, 
troubleshooting, appointment setting/confirming, account management.

Customer Service Excellence Certification, Bright House Networks:

Level II 2005

Level III 2006

Level III 2007

Level II 2008


Nov 2006 Cable Network Overview

Feb 2007 Excellence in Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Sep 2007 Introduction to Business

Dec 2007 Introduction to PC Applications (Honor Graduate)

Mar 2008 HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Jun 2008 Advanced HSD Customer Service (Honor Graduate)

Oct 2008 Introduction to Marketing

O.D. Wyatt High School, Fort Worth, TX

Green B. Trimble Technical HS Adult Education Center, Fort Worth, Texas



Motivated, time management. Minimal supervision required, 
flexible & dependable. Type 50 wpm, 10-key sight & feel. 
Windows proficient. Certified in Excel, Word, Access, and 
PowerPoint. 14+ years Internet, 20+years Customer service, 
14+ years tech support

References Available Upon Request


I mentioned in another post that you want to keep your resume to one page, if possible and highlight your skills. This resume actually was a page and some, but it has enough of what the employer was looking for to get me an interview, which got me hired. It is woefully out of date, but I lost that job in 2016.

My resume has changed dramatically because I am now seeking at-home, remote work -at least until I hit my stride in #WAHLife at Wealthy Affiliate. Or get published.


Failure is ALLOWED

Honestly, the only way to fail at this is to stop trying. Will Smith said in a viral video that failure is not to be feared, but embraced.

“Fail forward,” he advises, and keep going until you get where you want to be.

Then, climb higher.


Have you been looking for a #Wagelife job online? Have you found one? Share your experience with me!


Till later,

Gig on

24 thoughts on “So, You Work At Home… How Do You Get Those Jobs?? (And Where?)

  1. This was a helpful article and a personal one about your own experiences when it comes to working at home. We can all learn quite a bit I think and it will help get everyone started without having to go through hoops that otherwise you may be confronted with. 

    I have been a free-lancer for many years, since retiring from the military 20 years ago after 25 years of active duty. I never looked back, and only had a regular (?) job for about 8 months prior to becoming an independent contractor and then a business owner (again).

    Working from home today is much easier than it was 20 years ago, and in my case back then it was a combination of on-site customer calls, conventions, etc. with the ‘work at home’ portion of the tasks I agreed to do under that contract. It was an ideal situation for me back then, and it can be for everyone these days too.  

    Having a dedicated place to work where you have all the tools and resources is best from my experience (plus it is tax deductible!), and depending on what you are looking for, it can be a point that will get you a gig for working at home over someone else.

    From those early days, I have fond memories of the work at home (a home bar upstairs, a bar in the garden, a fancy coffee machine, etc. – all tax deductible) and the things I was able to accomplish. The icing on the cake back then is that I also got to travel all over Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for business. It was the best of both worlds.

    Depending on what you are looking for, such opportunities exist today as they did back then, but there are a lot more such gigs now. It really comes down to how you sell your skill set and your vision for how you will fit into the prospect’s needs. No matter the direction, the best thing to do is to get started.  

    1. Dave,

      I saw something somewhere that said The only way to get there is to stop standing here.

      When I finally decided to pursue my affiliate #WAHLife dream, I realized I had been standing here for years, getting caught in the wrong programs that took my money and taught me nothing (except don’t trust them). I suppose that’s why it took me 4 years to come back to Wealthy Affiliate.

      I certainly envy your travels! One of these days I will be free to skip about whenever I wish, wherever I wish. Those gigs are easier to find now, but they also require a specialized skill set. 

      Sadly due to changes in tax laws (grrr) home-based workers are no longer able to deduct as much as we used to. We all hope change is coming eventually because that hurt quite a bit. I got less than 1k back when I usually pulled over 3k in tax returns. 

      It hurt a lot.

      Thanks for stopping by, and take care

      Gwendolyn J

  2. I have been working for myself as an affiliate marketer for the last 3 years now and it has been the best thing I ever did for myself and my family

    It wasn’t easy at first I have to admit but with hard work and determination it all finally came together

    I too was like you, working at jobs that I wasn’t really great at, and quite frankly, didn’t want to be there but after a few months of looking online (and sometimes falling for the scams) I finally found something that I loved and did well at.

    I don’t have a resume at the moment but do you think I still need one if I’m working online? 

    1. Matthew,

      If you are looking for a #WageLife gig, you definitely need a resume. 

      It is also useful if you are seeking new clientele. Consider it a portfolio of your best work as an affiliate marketer.

      I give tips on work from resumes here. The same thought process can be applied to a portfolio or catalog of your work. 

      Congrats on your #WAHLife! I’m on my way to join you!

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Gwendolyn J

  3. Hi Gwendolyn,

    Interesting post for those interested in a job from home. I have to admit I’m no more interested in working as an employee for someone else at home than I am in a more traditional 9 to 5 job. As exciting as that phone sex operator gig sounds, I greatly prefer being the boss and working in my own online venture. 🙂

    I admit it took some time to grow the income from my affiliate niche website. And, it may be necessary to work for someone else until your online earnings reach a certain level. But I recommend spending as much time as possible working on an online business of your own. Affiliate marketing has been the perfect venue for me.

    Good luck landing that next work from home gig!

    1. Linda,

      I agree with you all the way. I know working for other people is no longer enough for me. I crave the freedom to work as long as I wish on what pleases me. Even working from home, some of us do not have that privilege. 

      I address this in another post as well. I would love to focus all of my attention on Wealthy Affiliate. However, I have not yet hit an earnings threshold that can replace my #WageLife, so I gig on. 

      My site is focused on helping others either lang those at-home gigs or get started at WA. I’m also working on several fiction writings I am hoping to publish. 

      The doors are opening a bit at a time. I will be ready to step right on through when the time is right. 

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  4. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, it’s really informative and an eye opener to seeing possibilities. Working from home is a nice idea as it help to save the stress and time you spent on the regular 9 to 5 job many are into. I understand working from home result to passive income, which is always the aim of every online marketer, but how do you make it possible is the question you have to ask yourself. It’s very possible if only you stay focus, determine, persistent and hardwork. Putting all these attribute together would definitely leads to a successful earning while at the comfort of your home.

    thanks for sharing the brilliant notion

    1. Making ends meet until those ends meet is the thought behind my entire site. I want people to be able to work at whatever they wish while building a business at WA. Nobody can put everything on hold while creating long term passive income, so I try to inform readers about whatever options are out there.

      With persistence and patience, it can be done. 

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  5. Hi Gwendolyn J

    I really enjoyed reading this post. You are so right on so many levels. 

    I have been in this country for more than 25 years. And start working on the second day of my arrival. I have changed many professions from construction, selling insurance and stocks, to computer programming and starting my own business. 

    It always strikes me when people say it is hard and almost impossible to find a job. If only every person had a vision and a mindset like yours America will not have unemployed people. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I’m sure this article will help many people.


    1. David,

      As I have told my kids, there’s always something to be done somewhere. 

      Work is all around us. It is simply a matter of getting in gear to capture the positions. Having a job, any job is a welcome relief and allows you to focus on building long term passive income. 

      Every little bit matters and the more you can afford to reinvest in yourself, the better.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  6. What an informative post and your honesty is refreshing. I really enjoy reading your story. Congratulation that you decided to take the matters in your own hands and decided to be with your baby. I am inspired by reading your story. I live in NYC, Craigslist listing has a lot of jobs but some screening like you said is a must. But, some of them are brutally honest as well that they are looking for the lady of the night. Anyway, I am surprised that you can do dirty talk on the phone, I am a bit introverted as well so that will be challenging for me. However, if the pay is good that will be a great option that no body in my family has to know. This is an honest job and I will take that opportunity any day. Thank you for sharing the sample of your resume 🙂 I will start hunting for a legit work from home.


    1. Nuttanee,

      As long as you have somewhere quiet to take calls and privacy the PSO job is easy to do. 

      I am also an introverted soul, and as a PSO you are merely playing a part. 

      I really enjoyed the work for what it was -a temporary gig to fill the gaps between steady jobs.

      And the entire time, I was still looking for writing and other creative gigs. 

      Let me know if you want to look further into it, and do be careful. I was lucky enough to work for some very reputable companies but there’s always the other side of the coin.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J 

  7. Great post and great advice here! Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms and communities out there so I encourage everyone who reads your post to follow the links. I appreciate that you are not afraid to reference your phone actress job and I find your resume tips insightful. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Well done!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by.

      One thing I have noticed growing up and working is that so many people no longer have what my grandmother called “pride of place”.

      What that means is that no matter what the job is, it was done as effectively as possible. Going above and beyond was not the exception, it was expected. Those that failed to render services to optimal standards did not keep their positions long. 

      These days we have people job hopping for petty reasons that have very little to do with pay rate. 

      My husband is a General Manager for a local fast food chain and he hears and sees this all the time. 

      That’s not my job…I don’t get paid for that…I’m not paid enough for this…I don’t need this job…

      There is no pride of place. I was never nor will I ever not bring all of my skill and knowledge to bear for any position I find myself paid to fill. I was raised with pride of place. 

      Whether a doctor or the orderly cleaning up after surgery, we all have the right to pride in our work. We all contribute something and that contribution is worth more than the monetary value placed on it. 

      At WA, we all have something that drives us to create an income from the things we love to do most. We all have pride of place.

      Thanks again for your comment and take care. 

      Gwendolyn J

  8. You have a unique post with an eye opening array of experiences. It’s amazing it all leads back to Wealthy Affiliate. However, for someone needing a job with pay right away, you provided a lot of good tips. 

    I don’t think any of these positions would be right for me. But I am sure there are others would jump at that opportunity. 

    Thanks for being candid.

    1. Edwin,

      Working from home for anybody is not for everybody. It takes a certain mindset as well as discipline. I think that more people want to do it than are capable of doing it. 

      These are just a handful of places one can look. I have another post that expands upon this as well as a review of and how to find WAH gigs there as well. 

      I focused on freelancers & ICs in this post. There are so many options and resources out there that Will Smith’s advice strikes a deeply resounding note. 

      The jobs are there. It’s up to us to make ourselves visible to the employers.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  9. Well I have to agree on most parts especially with the resume content no one is actually reading. Making a one page resume is a bit hard especially if you have a lot of credentials but it does work if  you are seeking for a work at home jobs Yes, some companies allows you to work for them as a freelancer but the problem is that you have to bid. And it’s not working for most newbies out there. It’s depressing and sometimes there’s a hint of discrimination. Good thing Wealthy Affiliate is far from those online companies. They let you grow on your own pace, giving you lots of support via training and community help.

    1. Squeezing everything you want a prospective employer to know into one page can be hard. I condensed a 3-page version of that resume here with a template in Microsoft Word. 

      Freelance bidding can be frustrating, and I have seen plenty my proposals declined on Upwork. It does take tenacity and determination. I was declined not because I was not good enough, but because someone else may have been better positioned, prepared and presented than I was. I discuss this concept here

      Setbacks are to be expected and not counted as “failure” so much as “experience”. We have it in us to do great things, every one of us. We just need to give ourselves the time and patience to catch our blessings as my grandmother would say.

      I am very happy to be part of Wealthy Affiliate as well, and I am looking forward to being free to pursue my passions there. 

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

  10. Reading this post it reminds me once again that there is no reason anybody in this world should be unemployed. The only thing that stops one is affording a computer and internet connection, but there are ways and means around this, and even public places one can frequent to get this part right.

    If one is willing to put the work in, one can actually succeed in making an income in anything that one chooses to do. One can even do a job that one actually enjoys.

    I also don’t enjoy direct selling jobs and that I why I enjoy creating and selling products on websites, where customers actually come to you and not the other way around.

    Thanks for sharing your CV with us, and I am sure it will help a lot of us if we can use this as a blueprint to creating our own CV to get a job.

    1. Michel,

      When people talk to me about how hard it is to get a job, my brain has to work very hard to monitor my mouth. 

      We have to understand that not everyone has our drive, our vision. Some people still see the world as it was 25 or 30 years ago when working online was not as possible as it is now.

      The side gigs and piece work on nearly every site were passed along by word of mouth. It depended on who you knew and who knew you. 

      Now we can find these jobs apply for them and interview for them without ever leaving our homes. The technology has expanded the workplace significantly, but some people have not grown with it. 

      Maybe they’ll catch up , but with the pace the WAH marketplace is growing, many may remain left behind.

      Thanks for stopping by,

      Gwendolyn J

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