Closing the Earning Gap, 3 Work At Home Job Sites (You Need to See)

The Earning Gap

It is all well and good for me and all these other people at Wealthy Affiliate to say, “It can be done!”

The program at WA doesn’t offer or promise a quick turn-around on earnings. In fact, many people go a few months before they make a dime in profit. That gap has to be filled with some form of income, or most of us will be posting our content and building pages from the library wi-fi.

The question then becomes, HOW? As a freelancer, independent contractor or home-based worker, how do you get yourself out there and land those gigs?

The online job market has exploded in the last decade, and while there are enough scams to shake a stick at, if you look closely, actual real paying jobs are there for the taking. Let’s look at a few places where you can find them.


Yes, I know. Don’t click away, yet. Hear me out.

Legit WAH on FB

One of the first places I ever saw that offered actual jobs with steady, living wage pay is Legitimate Work at Home Sources and Links.

This is a closed group on Facebook, and they keep a database full of home-based jobs and gigs. Joining is by invitation, but you can submit a request to join from the page if you wish.

Biz-ops and affiliate programs are not allowed here. All you will find are jobs that pay, people looking for those jobs, and people helping others find those jobs. Some do not pay well (penny work, I call them), and others are very specific about what they will pay for. Either way, work can be found here. I found 3 WAH jobs here and a slew of side gigs. It’s worth a click and see.

Rat Race Rebellion

Another excellent resource for finding work from home is Rat Race Rebellion. I found two gigs I wanted to apply to while I was looking over the site for this post. Yes, it is that good. I have personally landed several gigs from here, and they offer a daily email to keep you in the know about what’s available.

In addition to offering jobs, RRR reports on scams and gives a heads-up about possible shysters out there looking to take advantage of your desire to work at home.


RRR recently launched a course called How To Find a Work From Home Job or Gig in 30 Days or Less. I haven’t taken it, but they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, and it is given by one of the site founders, Chris Durst. As the work from home world continues to grow, any edge you can gain to make yourself more marketable is a good investment. The course is reasonably priced at $49.00, which is the same as the monthly Premium at Wealthy Affiliate.


Work From Home, Indeed

You may not know this, but also posts work from home jobs regularly. You do have to search under the specific keyword, and they will send you daily emails. Sometimes, the gigs are not as tailored as I would like, but it is worth going through the listings to see if there is anything in there that may suit you.

You can narrow the search to your local area, but as a freelancer or independent contractor, location is rarely important. Most jobs on any board specifically list hiring regions, states, or cities, so you don’t waste time applying for a job in California when they are only hiring workers in the Midwest.

An upside to Indeed is that they help you create and post a resume that you can then use to apply to jobs on the site. It saves a lot of time and makes the process of filling out applications a bit less tedious.

You can save jobs to a list and research salaries and reviews on hundreds of companies. The reviews usually come from current or past employees and can be an excellent resource to help gauge whether the company will be a good fit for you.

Lastly, based on jobs you look at, apply to or save, Indeed will serve up jobs that might be a good fit for you. It helps save time going through the non-WAH jobs to find the WAH jobs, and it can help you focus your search in the areas that are most likely to land that gig.

#WAHLife vs #WageLife

So, some may be wondering, “I thought you were about that #WAHLife, not #WageLife.”

Moving on down the road

True, so true. Realistically, we cannot sit back and put all of our bills on hold while we build our business at Wealthy Affiliate – as awesome as that would be. I have talked to people who have the will to allow their quality of life to suffer while they work on their dreams, and I take my hat off to them.

I am not about that life.

I want my bills paid. I like to eat. Hot water is very nice. I will die without central heat and air. The Internet is my lifeline, I love my car, and I like having Sling, Netflix and Amazon Prime at my fingertips. So, until my affiliate business at WA takes off, or my book sells, or I get that dream freelance writing job, I have to live #WageLife.

It’s a reality we all face, and one we have to accept as we embark on this journey to true financial freedom and security. It can be a long road, and it can be difficult to walk.

Don’t worry. I won’t leave you out here alone.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Closing the Earning Gap, 3 Work At Home Job Sites (You Need to See)

  1. You have offered some really good tips and sites to start the online working at home lifestyle that can help entrepreneurs that may be just starting out on their journey. It can be stressful to work so hard and see little income when starting, and as you say, people are doing this to afford some of the niceties in life as well as to pay the bills.

    I had not heard of the Facebook sites you mentioned, but they do seem like good places to get started. There are so many ways to earn these days, but it still takes some work to determine where best to start. I have talked to some people that have tried surveys, online activities like playing games, etc. only to give up because they make literally pennies per hour of effort.

    On the other hand, as you gain skills and leverage the skills you may already have, there are sites that will provide some good pay. Fiverr or Upwork are great places to market your skills, and I have used marketplaces in such platforms as Builderall to get gigs and sell products.

    This is a great starting point for readers to think outside the box and get started earning something immediately while they build their business. That is extremely important too, as it can keep the newbie motivated to stay in the game to allow their work to start earning money.

    Good advice, great tips, and a motivational post for all of us. Thanks!

    1. Dave,

      Thank you for your kind words and your comment. I hope that this information will be helpful to people just starting out, or even vets who are losing heart. 

      There are so many scams out there that it is hard to find a good thing if someone doesn’t point the way. 

  2. This is something that everyone should read. I think that to many people start an online business and immediately start making money… this just isn’t how it works.

    I think it’s simply genius to find an online gig to as you say bridge the time between when you start your business to when you start making money.

    In fact I plan on trying out Rat Race Rebellion due to your recommendation, and hope it works for me while I’m building my online business as well.

    Because I also would have a hard time changing my way of life… I enjoy the things I have and would prefer to keep them if at all possible.

    Thanks for the amazing post and I look forward to trying some of them out.

    1. Josh,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Rat Race Rebellion is all about helping people find work from home. It’s positively mind-boggling how many companies out there are using telecommuters or remote workers these days. Unfortunately, those jobs are not always posted where people new to this can find them. Some people don’t even know where to look. 

      My baby sister and I were talking about my gigs one day and she gave me this bewildered look. 

      “Where do you find these jobs?” she asked.

      “I look for them,” I told her. 

      It really is that simple.

      Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about RRR or the jobs posted there. I get emails daily.

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